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Michelle Angelo, cover model (8 vintage adult paperbacks, 1967-73)

Michelle Angelo, cover model (8 vintage adult paperbacks, 1967-73)

SKU: 125820

William J. Robinson, M.D., Scott Rainey, Crosseux Egout, D.J. La Marr, Brian Hawkins, Bob Bradley, Nancy le Twat (authors)

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1967-73. Eight vintage adult paperbacks with front panels featuring prolific curvaceous model Michelle Angelo, notably a familiar face (and bust) in magazines & paperbacks, and has acted in feature films as well as loops. Brandon House showcased her assets regularly, but other less reputable publishers also used her likeness to purvey their wares. The Scavenger (Barclay House 7372, 1973 - Michelle topless in black fishnet bodysuit & gloves, over 2 studs duking it out. One of the cooler Angelo covers. Good). Midnight Masturbation (Illustrated Color Life Photos 3002, [1969-70s] - Michelle oval topless vignette front; several color photos solo models. NF, remainder). Under the Beattles (Illustrated Color Life Photos 3112, [1969-70s] - Michelle oval in red night gown vignette front, biting her fingernail; color photos softcore couple. VG+, remainder). "If a Man Answers..." (Impact Library IL-612, 1972 - Michelle undressing w/ "mad man" in hotel, image repeat on rear. "Case Studies" theme. Good). Doctor Robinson's Sex Dictionary (Monogram Books, 1967 - Michelle vignette as an example of "pronounced primary areola." Almost NF). Utterly Depraved (Montmartre Press MP113, 1972 - Michelle picture frame vignette heavy contrast, likely from the Brandon House sessions. VG, remainder). The Body of a Young Lesbian (TWI-74,[1969-70s] - Michelle & pal wrestle in boots & hosiery, front & 7pp B/W. VG, remainder). Campus Lesbians (TWI-77,[1969-70s] - Michelle & pal wrestle in boots & hosiery, wrapper & 4pp color. Diane Curtis wrestles w/ gal 2pp color. VG+).  [Book ID: 125820]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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