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Midwood Books: 0-100 series (23 vintage adult paperbacks, 1960-62)

Midwood Books: 0-100 series (23 vintage adult paperbacks, 1960-62)

SKU: 125606

CT/NY: Midwood Books, 1960-62. Lurid paperbacks, early in the series, softcore fiction, most w/ great illustrated cover art, many by prolific Paul Rader, w/ some scarce titles represented. 4-letter words not yet present. All VG unless noted. ALL THE GIRLS WERE WILLING (28, 1960. Alan Marshall. Rader cover? Hollywood, Greenwich Village. G); ANOTHER NIGHT, ANOTHER LOVE (29, 1959. Loren Beauchamp [Sally Singer? R. Silverberg?]. Rader cover. Country clubs, call boys); VIRGIN'S SUMMER (36, 1960. Alan Marshall. Rader cover. Beachside motel. G); GLAD TO BE BAD (46, 1960. Adam Roberts. Rader cover? Femme fatale); ONLY THE BED (49, 1959. Don Holliday. Midwest playboy); ALL ABOUT ANNETTE (51, 1960. Alan Marshall. Lesbiana, infidelity, yachts); SABRINA AND THE SENATOR (58, 1960. Nick Vendor. Rader cover. Prostitutes, politicians.  VG+, remainder); MILLION DOLLAR MISTRESS (64, 1960. Clyde Allison [Wm. Knoles]. Rader cover of Mrs. Rader! Prostitutes); RESTLESS VIRGIN (78, 1961. Paul V. Russo. Rader cover. Greenwich Village,  insatiable love slave. VG+); YOUR SINS AND MINE (79, 1961. George B. Parksmith. Freelance photographer,  Detroit. VG+); SCHOOL FOR SEX (F81, 1961. Arnold English. Photo cover. College campus); ONE FLESH (83, 1961. Paul V. Russo. Wagner cover. Execs, lesbiana); MORALS CHARGE (F101, 1961. Paul Hunter. Great Rader cover. Woman's prison); WITHOUT SHAME (108, 1961. Paul V. Russo. Greenwich Village, call girls, writer); WOMEN IN PRISON (120, 1961. Mike Avallone. SIGNED. Doctors, prison); WEAK AND WICKED (127, 1961. Al James. Murder, swamps, college); KNOW THE SCORE (Y144, 1962. Ort Louis. Res cover. New England, pregnancies.  VG+); STRANGE DELIGHTS (F145, 1962. Loren Beauchamp. Rader cover. Starlet, NYC,  lesbiana); SINNERS IN WHITE (F146, 1962. Mike Avallone. Nurses, doctors); FLIGHT HOSTESS ROGERS (Y168, 1962. Mike Avallone. NYC); THE UNDOING OF JENNY (171, 1962. Mike Skinner. Greenwich Village dives, character  "Nick Verder" [same author as MIDWOOD 58, Nick Vendor?]. G); FOREVER AMY (Y175, 1962. Amy Harris. Hard-knocks woman. VG+); THE DOCTOR & THE DIKE (Y176, 1962. Jason Hytes. McGinnis cover? Therapy, lesbiana).  [Book ID: 125606]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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