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Midwood Books: 200-300 series (18 vintage adult paperbacks, 1962-66)

Midwood Books: 200-300 series (18 vintage adult paperbacks, 1962-66)

SKU: 125610

CT/NY: Midwood Books, 1962-66. Vintage racy paperbacks, early in the series, softcore risque fiction, most w/ great illustrated cover art, many by prolific Paul Rader, w/ scarce titles represented. By 1963, the publisher printed the company "clover" logo on the spines. Yesterday's Virgin (F221, 1962. Jason Hytes. Great Rader cover. Gangs. VG+); Immoral Lady (F233, 1963. Russell Gage. Barbituates, call girls. Remainder. VG+); Sudden Hunger (F239, 1963. Paul Dodge. Iconic Rader cover. Teachers, cabins. G); The Pleasure and the Pain (F241, 1963. Ort Louis. "Midwood Award." Horse betting, small towns. G); Pagan (F251, 1963. Paul V. Russo. Nightclub gambling); Without Shame (F254, 1962. Jason Hytes. Canadian "tattoo parlour" rubberstamps inside. Fruit laborer, docks); The Cruel Touch (F259, 1963. Alan Marshall. Great Rader cover. FM radio, lakes); Everybody Welcome (F267, 1963. Dallas Mayo. Parties, lesbiana. BONUS: The Girl Next Door, 33-639, 1966, Roy Peterson, reissued cover); Sin on Wheels (F276, 1963. 2nd print. Loren Beauchamp / Silverberg? Great Rader cover of Mrs. Rader! Trailer camp adultery. NF); Night After Night (F288, 1963. Will Saxon / Ron Haydock? Photo cover. LA artist, models. VG+); man Trap (F313, 1963. Brad Curtis. Rader cover. Real estate, gold-diggers. G); Monica (F314, 1963. Greg Hamilton. Past comes back to haunt. VG+, remainder); Image of Evil (F328, 1963. Paul V. Russo. Photo cover. Group love, sororities); The Vice Dolls (F334, 1963. John Stark. Photo cover. London, architects. VG+, remainder); Pretty Puppet (F371, 1964. Dallas Mayo / Gil Fox? Great Rader cover. Mental BDSM, lesbiana, drugs. NF); Corrupt Woman (F379, 1964. 2nd print. Paul V. Russo. Photo cover. Hispanic, class reunion, infidelity); Goodbye, Darling (F391, 1964. Laura Duchamp. Great Olson cover. Adultery, guy-next-door. Hole-punch remainder). All VG unless noted.   [Book ID: 125610]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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