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Model and Nude Pin-Up (5 vintage pin-up magazines bound together, 1956-58)

Model and Nude Pin-Up (5 vintage pin-up magazines bound together, 1956-58)

SKU: 125763

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1956-59. Five vintage model & nude pin-up magazines featuring figure studies by top photographers, often a prolific model/celebrity woman, aimed at advancing techniques in the field of photographing the female form, likely newsstand worthy, above-the-counter. These early photography magazines were mass produced on pulp, mostly B/W photography, album-style layouts. Primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, w/ blank paper spine, wrapper & endpapers; uniformly trimmed & page edges dyed. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist, perhaps collected for certain authors/models/artists. PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOWPLACE - V1 N2, DEC 1956. NY: Creative Publications. B/W/Color. Anita Ekberg cover! Lejaren 'A Hiller, James Pappas, Horace Bristol in Bali, F.B. Grunzweig (parade), Walter Sarff, Thomas Caravaglia, Kenneth Burke (Grace Jackson), Shelly Secunda (Monte Irwin), May Mirin, Ray Jacobs & Eddie Condon (jazz), Bill Hughes, Weegee, Keith Bernard (Barbara Nichols, Betty Brosmer, Candy Barr), Earl Leaf (Henriette Schorr, Marla English), L'Avant (Pat Priest), Jack Strager (Ekberg), Margaret Zell (Phyllis Ursin), Martinique [Grundy] (Maria Frau, black Tina Marshall), Jan Piersal (Parsla Feldmanis). Surgery through the ages, zebra girl center/3pp (Rae Chandler, Ralph Therrien, Weegee, Pappas), Earl Leaf (Marilyn Monroe, Alfred Hitchcock, Ginger Rogers, Mitzi Gaynor, Meg Myles). PHOTOGRAPHY FOR MEN - V1 N1, 1957. NY: Sterling Group. Peter Basch Tina Louise cover! Jerry Yulsman (Nona Van Tosh, Jayne Hacklin), Peter Gowland (Barbara Wilson, Arlene Dahl, Barb Osterman), Relang (Elsa Martinelli), Len Kovars (Vee Ferrari), Russ Meyer (Diane Webber & books), Louis Stettner (Diana Millay, Terry Clinton), Desmond Russell (Rosemarie Roman), Sam Wu (Vivian Maledy, Marla English, Vikki Dougan), Dave Preston (Anita Ekberg), Frank Wolfe (Marlene Haffenmann, Anne Neyland), Stanley Dorie (Paulette Nelson), Ornitz (Cheryl Kubert), Paul Wagner (Simon Auger, Cathy McCain), William Woodfield (Audrey Hepburn, Janet Lake, Eva Bartok, Gizelle D'Arc), Basch (Seitz twins). PHOTO ARTS - FEB 1952, no volume/number. Pages numbered 640-693[694]. NY: Tel Publications (John Raymond). Kathleen & Vladimir Telberg (multi-exposure), Byron Dobell on Fred Fehl (ballet), Angela Calomiris (dogs), Fred Stein (Ludwig Bemelmans, Thomas Mann), Muni Liebein, David D. Duncan (Marines at war), Peter Basch, Andre de Dienes. Jo Ann Arnold 1pp. CLASSIC PHOTOGRAPHY - V1 N1, Autumn 1956. NY: Arnold Magazines (Everett M. Arnold). Kell Peggy Ray cover/layout! Erika, Bernard of Hollywood (Anita Ekberg, Jeanne Crain, Joi Lansing, Mara Corday, Monique Van Vooren), Duckworth (tiger), Russ Meyer (Diane Webber, Eve Meyer), Kallard (Bettie Page vignettes, from the ELLERY QUEEN session??), Weegee, Grundy (fishtank lady). Vignettes (Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, Sheree North).   PHOTOGRAPHER'S WORLD - V1 N1, JAN 1958. NY: Whitehorn Publications (Chester Whitehorn). Thom Bsacca (NY), Gilda Rosenblum, Nancy Lensen, Bernard Hoffman (black Bonnie Yelverton), Bill Avery, Eva Bessenyey, Bob Cummings, Carole Galletty (Louis Armstrong). Camera supplies.   Very Good Plus overall.  [Book ID: 125763]  [Magazines]


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