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Monterey Library Press (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1977-80)

Monterey Library Press (12 vintage adult paperbacks, 1977-80)

SKU: 125511

S. Laguna / Canoga Park, CA: Publisher's Consultants, 1977-80. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring b/w cover illustrations on neon green wrapper, many themes. Of the coolest in appearance of all PC/Parliament lines, MLB ran 100+ titles & emphasized housewives & women in the workplace, as well as more nostalgic professions like salesmen. Ties to Gloucestor Publishing. House favorite. VG+ overall, most are remainders, some w/ clipped title pp. THE VIRGIN SWAPPERS - MLP102, 1977. Grace Miller. Computer engineers, friends' wives. THE SALESMAN'S WIFE - MLP124, 1978. Toni Scott (Toni Lee Scott?). Suburbs, door-to-door. THE AMBITIOUS WIFE - MLP140, 1978. Rod Strong. Insurance wife sexual awakening. A FRUSTRATED SECRETARY - MLP153, 1978. Brian Hogg. Decision-making, two mistresses. THE WANTON HOUSEWIFE - MLP159, 1978. David Harper. Debasing his wife. THE LADY FLASHER - MLP160, 1978. James Morrissey. Exhibitionist in NYC. THE DEGRADED WIFE - MLP165, 1979. Julie Davidson. Meat-packing engineer's bored wife. THE WIFE'S ABUSING - MLP191, 1979. Nelson Frank. Wife gets It but likes It. SHARED SHEETS - MLP199, 1979. Ray Williamson. Rock guitarist, Sunset Strip, bad contracts. EXPLODING LOINS - MLP210, 1980. Bart Masters. California developer/investor. CURVACIOUS (sic) TONGUE TWISTER - MLP212, 1980. A.J. Gann. Execs, swapping. STENO LUST - MLP225, 1980. Jennifer Murphy. "Case study" NY hospital psychologist. [Book ID 125511] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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