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Mr. [Mr. Magazine] (4 vintage adult magazines, 1970-79)

Mr. [Mr. Magazine] (4 vintage adult magazines, 1970-79)

SKU: 125862

Lopez, Adrian B., Peter L. Clark (publishers); Everett Meyers, David Elrich, Richard Tschudy, Frank Coggins, Adam Blake, Cynthia West, Tom Doyle, et al. (editors)

New York: Counterpoint Inc. / Kimtex / Histrionic Publishing Co., 1970-79. Distributed by Kable News, then by PDC. B/W/Color throughout, foldouts, ~64pp. Four vintage adult magazines devoted to models, cartoons, fiction & illustration, softcore layouts. One of the groovier Hippie magazines, not alarmingly psychedelic so as not to be considered a top newsstand title next to Playboy. Began 1950s, lasted to roughly early 1980s, averaging ~200K issues produced annually, ~1K mail subscribers. Photography, though not always credited & presumably by heavies like Ron Vogel, Keith Bernard, etc., excelled while it lasted. Included: V14 N5, March 1970: Irving Cane, Jaime Sandaval, Glenn Pritchard, Ben Chesters, W.E. Cagle, Raoul MacFarlane, Bob Lingell, Clyde Hirt, Al Van Starrex, B.F. Shelton, Carlton Robinson, Tony Camillo, Alice Crane, Schochet, Hageman, Lo Linkert, Hagglund, Dole, Dennis, B. Bailer, Francho; Tempest Storm, blonde bather Monika, West Virginia coal story, Bill Veeck, brunette Ronda, lithe Heather cover/foldout (Cane), Dizzy Gillespie, swapper study, ginger Samantha center. V15 N10, September 1971: Eddie Street, Wayne Ulsh, Joel Vance, Reginald Shawcross Peter Kanto, Robert C. Scott, Dorothy Allen, Carl Shelby, B.F. Shelton, Hal Sherman, Trogdon, Hageman, Don Hester, Bob Zahn, Alice Crane, Douglas Marshall, Reamer Keller; "For Single Swingers Only" photo-film w/ Scandinavian Heidi Anderson, Spain, toasting blonde Mary Strapp cover, tanned Kitty Mason foldout (Marshall), "Adultery for Fun and Profit" blue movie, sex experts libidos, single male study, house favorite Swede Christina Lindberg 5pp, bigger ad section. V17 N8, August 1973: Charles E. Emley, Jon A. Ripslinger, Harold Burnside, H. Morris Campbell, Allan Starr, Dorothy Allen, B.F. Shelton, Bill Wenzel, Ceribello, Al Kaufman, Engleman, Dawson, Van Gorder, Hagglund, C.R. Johnson (Crockett?), Johnny Mac, lutner; raven-haired Toni, hedonism, nymphomania, erotic massage in Pakistan, lithe Angelica, ginger Joan Higgins foldout, "The Collegiates" film, sex & law, steamy Judy cover/layout. V23 N1, May 1979: Will Holm, Dick Boylan, Rober Ashfield, Clay Tyler, Raoul MacFarlane, R. Leider, Allan Starr, Clark Bass, Professor C. Giles, Bill Wenzel, Francho, Engleman; bathing Billie & Jo cover/layout (Linda DeLeeuw & Little Oral Annie Parducci), Gerard Damianio, how-to-score tips, sexually aggressive woman, condom expose, Mike & Janet outdoors, slender curly-q Audrey foldout, "Love Couch" film (Joanne Miquel, David Ruby), carmel-colored Melody red heels, Rene Bond ads. Early in series w/ ISSN barcode. Very Good to Very Good Plus.   [Book ID: 125862]  [Magazines]


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