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Myra (Vintage British adult paperback, 1960s)

Myra (Vintage British adult paperback, 1960s)

SKU: 125801

London, UK: N.p., 1960s. Circa 1960s, London's West End, Soho. Amateur publication featuring mimeograph typescript fiction w/ black/white hardcore photographs, printed on photo paper, bound in. Lesbiana, strap-ons, penetration. Sometimes called a "Soho Bible," because they bore striking similarities to Tijuana bibles of the Jazz Age. Other titles published by this particular fly-by-night company: Rita, Averil, Gloria, Carol, Mandy, Co-Ed. School, Coinciding Flagellants, and many more. Presumably nearly all Soho bibles were printed by a handful of smut peddlers, and all were distributed under the counter. Scarce stuff. Several have been offered, though not this specific title, w/ values ranging from $35 to $500, likely based on theme and condition. 5 x 7.5 inches, side-stapled, perfect-bound with red cloth spine. Very Good Plus overall.  [Book ID: 125801]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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