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Neptune Readers (16 vintage adult paperbacks)

Neptune Readers (16 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125359

New York: Neptune Readers, 1970-71. Sixteen vintage adult paperbacks likely published in New York, 1970-1971. A publisher noted for no-frills design and content. An uncommon imprint, heavy on homosexual and modeling themes. Sex Rock (NR102, 1970. Chad Catto). Penetrated (NR109, 1970. Terry Cooper). Hot Bush (NR110, 1970. Moira Glynn. Remainder). Sex Give-A-Way (NR114, 1970. Gerald Mccormack. Reader Copy). Shooting It Gay (NR119, 1970. Dick Hannegan. Remainder). Gay Butch (NR122, 1970. Terry Lefcourt). Past And Present (NR138, 1971. Roland Price). Two Weird Tails (NR139, 1971. Harker Tower). Front Page Sex (NR141, 1971. Fred "Scoop" Riley). Never Love A Whore (NR142, 1971. Iris Mitchell). Whip It Up (NR143, 1971. Anton Frank). School Of Perverts (NR147, 1971. Percy Channcey). Cloak And Sex (NR148, 1971. Chance Rainey). Goes Anything (NR150, 1971. A.R. Dent. Stamps).   Rear-End Romeo (NR153, 1971. John Whitcomb. Stamp To Top Edges). Screw Hard (NR157, 1971. Peter Mosely). Very Good overall, a few lesser, a few remainders. [Book ID 125359] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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