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New Design (10 vintage adult paperbacks)

New Design (10 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125787

New York: Star Distributors, 1979-82. Ten vintage adult paperbacks from a prolific modern distributor known for its vast reprints of classic erotic paperback titles. This particular line from Star likely of the more consistently mediocre visually, but always w/ lighter, feel-good themes. 4-letter words rampant. Paperback ads at the back. Roommates (ND102, 1979, Fran Nathan,  Secretary roomies in NY). Deep Hunger (ND103, 1979, Janet Harrow, Nymphomania). Hungry Pussy (ND110, 1979, NY/Toronto setting, nymph). Lesbian's Revenge (ND112, 1979, Doris Leader, Puerto Rican janitors, lesbian doctors). Heated Nymph (ND113, 1979, Vicki Prince, Brooklyn setting, pupil/teacher). Island Virgin (ND115, 1979, Linda Costello, NY artist on Caribbean vacation). Sugar & Spice (ND121, 1980, Mary-Ellen Blasco, Detective novel, girl hitchhikes Iowa-New York, "Mcwonald's" burgers). Black beauty (ND128, 1980, Charlotte Hirsch, "Model Dist" stamps top edges, Political rights 60s, seductress).   Pleasure Cruise (ND129, 1980, Delores Reed, 1-day cruise w/ novelists/musicians/film stars). Pajama Party Orgy (ND169, 1982, Linda Hudson, "Model Ddist" stamps bottom edges, Jet-set). VG overall, most are remainders.  [Book ID: 125787]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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