New Modern Bizarre of the Unusual (vintage pinup digest magazine, 1950s)

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Lee, Gypsy Rose, and Elvis Presley (featured); John Willie (art)


New Modern Bizarre of the Unusual (vintage pinup digest magazine, 1950s)


Toronto, ONT: Digest Publications, 1950s. N20, c. late 1950s. Vintage non-nude pinup digest magazine featuring women posing & emphasizing natural assets, in gloves, heels, hose, garters, emphasis on leather boots. Brief articles on chastity belts, footwear fashion, corsets, maids, Rumba (w/ Cuban tribal man/woman), "Amazon catfight" layout, illustrations throughout similar to John Willie (or Eugene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton) style, though uncredited, w/ great Willie centerfold art. Gypsy Rose Lee reveals her legs, Elvis Presley (2 vignettes & short article). Twice as many pages than standard pinup digest! Willie also produced his own "Bizarre" publication, perhaps tied to this Canadian publication. 


Hundreds of similar digest magazines were produced by fly-by-night operations, mainly around New York, notably Burmel Publishing (Lenny Burtman's enterprise). Many were published as photography and/or art "studies" booklets, w/ technical camera data, exposure chart, & the standard emphasis on sexual liberation; early issues featured several models per issue & many maintain airbrushing techniques rolled over from nudist magazines, much of the posing naturally obscures otherwise censored areas. Still scarce institutionally. 


64pp, 5.25 x 8.25 inches, B/W throughout, duochrome wrapper, saddle-stapled. Near Fine, light rubbing.

Jim Linderman, "Proto-Porn: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s," 2012. [Book ID 126121] [Magazines]


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