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Nite Lite Library (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1985-86)
  • Nite Lite Library (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1985-86)

    SKU: 125296

    Stan Carew, Phillip Mansfield, Richard Christy, Anthony Hammond (authors)

    N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1985-86. Six vintage adult paperbacks, published in California and distributed by Parliament News, featuring photo-illustrated covers and w/ themes including stewardess, nurse, orgies, and more. Likely photos taken from or for other Parliament News adult publications (magazines). Scarce paperback imprint. Ralph & Josh -- Sex Satyrs (NLL111, 1985); Hospital Orgy (NLL113, 1985. 3 reprint titles on copyright); Sexy -- Stewardesses (NLL116, 1985. 4 reprint titles); Eating Terry (NLL120, 1985. 4 reprint titles. Remainder); The Cocksure Reporter (NLL123, 1986. 6 reprint titles); Orgy Lover (NLL132, 1986. No reprint titles despite cover label). Very Good or better overall, 1 remainder. [Book ID 125296] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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