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Nite Out (Vintage adult magazine, 1966)

Nite Out (Vintage adult magazine, 1966)

SKU: 126181

[Seven Seventy Publishers]


Nite Out (Vintage adult magazine, 1966)


Burbank, CA: Seven Seventy Publishers, 1966. V1 N2, c. 1966; no cover price, quarterly. B/W throughout, 32pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine showcasing nude women, high heels, nylons, garter belts, copious Hippie & drugs references. Many images appear to be film stills, likely documentaries about contemporary sexual & cultural revolutions. Scarce series, only a few issues, 1st issue distributed by GSN (also Michelle Angelo cover/centerfold). Parliament News released "Night Out" magazine 1963. 


Photographers & staff uncredited, possibly Elmer Batters. Classy cover of tan model on table, repeated on rear cover. Poolside brunette in heels (also rear cover V1 N1), Hippies, jokes, seer Criswell, "Berkeley 1966" sign, posteriors, wife-swapping essay, "Passion Street" film, 1967 predictions, Lt. John Zwicker of Park Police Station in Bay Area disperse hippies, blonde & books color centerfold, LSD facts, "Vive La Differénce," "Pot Frolics" police reports, Sunset Strip jam sessions. Less poignant than first issue but laden w/ photographs. 


Very Good Plus, light rubbing, light spine stress, British price sticker to front. [Book ID 126181] [Magazines]


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