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Nugget (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1963-68)

Nugget (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1963-68)

SKU: 125671

New York: Flying Eagle Publications, 1963-68. Distributed by Kable, 1963-1968. Six issues of adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine, no front/rear cover. A fine men's magazine, began in the 1950s, & by the mid 60s content had become more lurid. PLAYBOY inspired, w/ top notch fiction, articles, and photography, including color centerfolds, & a lean towards jazz/fashion/politics. Lots of booze ads. B/W/Color. VG+ overall. present in this volume: V8 N1, FEB 1963 (John Rechy, kids toys , James Baldwin (Patterson vs. Liston), Lee Kraft, H. Harrison, B. Hamilton, Prange, F. Bez, Peter Max, Office party, Cindy Wilson, June Wilkinson, Seattle in 2001) V8 N3, JUN 1963 (William Saroyan, Jonas Mekas, homosexuality, sleaze publishers, Otto Preminger, Ralph J. Gleason, Bunny Yeager, Mort Gerberg, Baby Doll Lesley, Sharon Lee, Marlboro shirts). V8 N4, AUG 1963 (Chester Himes, Paddy Chayefsky beatniks, Marlon Brando, W.C. Fields, Emil Cadoo, Sheldon Secunda, Ken Parker, Ed Alexander, Margo w/ tanlines, Gold Girl Vicky Kennedy aka Margaret Nolan, Sabina Sesselmann, Leon de Paris ad). V11 N2, JUL 1966 (Keith Bernard cover! espionage, Crespinel, Roger Pontbriand, Sophia Baxter (Kelli Everts, woman's rights advocate/stripper), Lili Schaffer, Sally Mason). V12 N2, APR 1967 (Abbe Lee! Pietro Di Donato, Ron Vogel, Ron Bose, Shirley Ann Jaffe, yacht girls). V12 N5, SEP 1968 (the bra, famous Negro artists, Keith Bernard, Nat Freedland, Galaxy, J. Zonir, Prange Studios, Kristoffersson, Hageman, Linkert, Rod McKuen, Tai-chi, Laura & books, The Box Tops, Penny Winters, Catherine Jane Ekgren, Europe fashion) Full collation details available upon request.   [Book ID: 125671]  [Magazines]


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