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Nugget (Vintage pin-up magazine, Nov 1957)

Nugget (Vintage pin-up magazine, Nov 1957)

SKU: 125879

Nugget (Vintage adult magazine, 1957)


New York: Nugget, Inc., 1957. V2 N10, November 1957. Distributed by ID/Kable, 76pp, B/W/Color throughout, side-stapled, perfect-bound. Vintage adult magazine, still in it's non-nude stages, Playboy inspired, top-drawer fiction, articles, photography, including color centerfolds, lean towards jazz/fashion/politics, college scene Long-lived, ceased in 2006 as a pornographic title.


Abby Dalton outdoors cover/6pp, small-town totems/fetish, West Coat jazz, gold in caves by Cleeve (Offutt?), French cat, wine, compleat collegian opinion poll, Peter Baird, School of the Exotic Dance, Texas Tech / Betty Rea gatefold, marathon runners, color Wenzel illus., moonshiners.


Very Good, rubbing/light stain. Uncommon issue. [Book ID 125879] [Magazines]


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