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Nus (First Edition, softcover in jacket, Suzanne Snow cover model, 1950s)

Nus (First Edition, softcover in jacket, Suzanne Snow cover model, 1950s)

SKU: 125913

Hall, Theda and Emerson (photography)

Paris, FR: Societe Parisienne D'Editions Artistiques, Circa 1957. First Edition, softcover in dust jacket, side-stapled stiff boards, 9.25 x 11.5 quarto B/W/Color throughout, unpaginated, 22 leaves. No publication/copyright date present. Album 12 in the French series, & the last printed on the front jacket flap. Monograph of the Hall duo, featuring nude photography of models both in- and outdoors, beach scenes, glamour portraits, all air-brushed below the waist. Jacket panels show house favorite nudist Suzanne Snow (notable de Dienes poser) on front, infamous pin-up & nudist queen Diane Webber on rear/3pp color. Models are uncredited, including Madeline Castle 1pp. Nus devoted itself to the bourgeoning subculture, particularly in the US, known as nudism. Now legendary photographers comprised the series, including Andre Steiner (N1), Andre de Dienes (N4-5, 7, 9), Serge Jacques (N6, 8),  & the Halls (N10-12). The first six were issued in B/W dust jackets, subsequent issues in color. Presumably sold where one could also find risque material, a bookstore or newsstand that stocked lurid paperback novels & similar magazines. Light wear to the jacket, & faint toning. Almost Near Fine. Two images stitched together to show complete.  [Book ID: 125913]  [Photography]


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