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O.K. for Men [OK for Men] (Vintage adventure magazine, Jun 1959)

O.K. for Men [OK for Men] (Vintage adventure magazine, Jun 1959)

SKU: 125877

Froehlich, Jr., Monroe (publisher); Peter Basch (photography); William A. Robbins, Peter D. Albertson, M.B. Kirschner, Pat Untermeyer, Gene McAndrew (editors); Richard Deming, Douglas Woods, Sean Fitzgerald, Luke Farrell, Heinz P. Jordan, mark Sufrin, Charles Samuels, Edwin V. Burkholder, Ray Robinson (contributors); Sidney Harris, Vic Olson, Walter Popp, Arthur De Kuh, Bob Stanley, Serrano, Bo Brown, Charles Dennis, Whit, Troop, Charles Rodrigues, Pete Wyma, Karnes, Dan de Carlo (illus.)


O.K. for Men [OK for Men] (Vintage adventure magazine, Jun 1959)


New York: Banner Magazines, 1959. V1 N4, June 1959; distributed by IND, B/W/Color throughout, 90pp, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage adventure magazine devoted to military fiction, sports, jokes, cartoons, on-nude pinup photography. Short-lived (1958-59), only a handful of issues despite great writers & artists. Morphed into "A-OK for Men" (1960s), presumed. Ties to "Danger," "Guy" magazines. Uncommon series, exciting & pulpy.


Great Western uncredited cover art, Premium Bargains ads rear cover. Phu Loi escape, Gyp the Blood murder, nympho spy fiction, Nazi invasion, Klan safe heist, Barbara Luke white lingerie 6pp, sadist John David Provoo, hardboiled book-length story, pugilism fiction, Belle Starr, ads (Dawn Richard for Frederick's, Shirley Kilpatrick films, trade schools, Don Bolander, home bars, Capra gems, libido pills).


Good overall, stains, tears, creases. [Book ID 125877] [Magazines]


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