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Oui [For the Man of the World] (9 vintage adult magazines, 1975-84)

Oui [For the Man of the World] (9 vintage adult magazines, 1975-84)

SKU: 125307

New York: Hugh Hefner, 1975-84. Nine issues, one of America's thickest newsstand magazines, a heavy-hitting companion of PLAYBOY, generally classy and high production values. A common title w/ great photography and writing, notable for Aslan & Mordecai Gerstein artwork. 1975: V4 N1, Jan (Pullout datebook Serena 1pp!, Gunter Grass, softcore couple, gambling, Chinese fashion, Terry Southern, handsy phone booth, jukeboxes, Alicia, Fidel Castro, Lash Larue, Robert Anton Wilson); V4 N3, Mar (Mark Frechette, racing chic, sultry Vicky, Paul Morrissey, Brigitte Streubel, classic French porn); V4 N10, Oct (Marilyn Monroe's death, erotic 3way, wine, Miss Vicki & Tiny Tim, Roger Vadim, forceful women, Brigid of Donegal). 1976: V5 N6, Jun (Candy Barr issue!, raw Estella, Timothy Leary & Robert Anton Wilson, sunglasses, languid Letitia, Pele, "Dolly Bird" comic); V5 N10, Oct (Sharleena in red, Woodstock survivors, the Tubes, Roger Huyssen art, 24-hour fashion, Kenneth Anger, Jan by Suze Randall, Willie Sutton, Vivian "Fifi" Wooster). 1977: V6 N9, Sep (Sultry Sam, Jimmy Carter, Dr. Demento, drive-ins, Valerie polkadots, Ted Taylor, mineral water, Johnny Bench, fire escape 3way, Anita Bryant, Eileen in white boots). 1980: V9 N4, Apr (Joyce Gibson vignette (Rinah), Jeri Young outdoors, racetrack babes, Jannie Nielsen, Andy Kaufman interview, Charlene Tilton, Lucien Clergue, soccer). 1982: V11 N8, Aug (Diane Day, Cannes, John Candy, Olivia seaside, Kim Wilde, Motorhead, Madalyn Carol w/ tube, "Tron," festival girls). 1984: V13 N6, Jul (Beachside blonde, love potions, Howard Stern, Jenny Lynn, Tammy Wynette, cuisine couple, Gayla cover/layout, Rougeron layout, Charles Bukowski "The Fight," Helga). Very Good overall, some Good only.  [Book ID 125307] [Magazines]


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