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Oui [For the Man of the World] (9 vintage adult magazines, 1975-84)

Oui [For the Man of the World] (9 vintage adult magazines, 1975-84)

SKU: 125851

New York: Hugh Hefner, 1975-84. Nine vintage adult magazines, from one of America's thickest newsstand magazine, a heavy-hitting companion of PLAYBOY, generally classy and high production values. A common title w/ great photography and writing, notable for Aslan artwork. V2 N10, Oct 1973: Andy Warhol ad, Sophia Loren topless, cigars, Marie-Pascale Strill, Gay Talese, Michael Pollard, Hanna outdoors. 1974 - V3 N1, Jan: Pullout datebook calendar, 3way in Mexico, Al Goldstein, Yvonne Grader, Clara Faulk, Billie Jean King, Ben Pesta. V3 N2, Feb: Robots, Pat Anderson outdoors, astral fashion, Violente, Marilyn Chambers, German dancers. V3 N4, Apr: Ursula Andress, women's lib, Martial arts, Martine, Francois Cevert, dancers, erotic circus, Paul Theroux. V3 N5, May: Horse races, pillow fight couple, Pascal Wolff, Carole Augustine, John Kacere, midday cowboys. V3 N6, Jun: Pearl in Rio, Edy Williams & stud, island couple, cognac, Al Goldstein, Mykonos nudes, perverse Mother Goose. V3 N7, Jul: Italian art caper, Joe Dallesandro & Stefania Casini, Wolfman Jack, Lena, Salvador Dali, Miko Mayama, Nikki Freud. V3 N11, Nov: House favorite cover, Peter Brown oceanside, Russian peasants, Janni & pillows, Norma Levy, stereos, Gretel in tub, Schochet. V3 N12, Dec: Andy Warhol ad, gay cabarets, garters, Bernardo Bertolucci, Clancy unbuttons, Alex Comfort, Serena 6pp! Very Good overall.   [Book ID: 125851]  [Magazines]


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