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Pendulum Books: Exotic Special series (13 vintage adult paperbacks)

Pendulum Books: Exotic Special series (13 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125778

Britt, Dell, and Saxon Craig, Michael Owen Sabre, Michael Hunt, et al. (authors)

Atlanta, GA: Pendulum, Inc., 1969. Distributed by PND (Parliament News). Thirteen vintage adult paperbacks featuring nude color photo covers, b/w photos & erotic text throughout. Pendulum, noted for its employ of cult writer/director Ed Wood Jr, rivaled Greenleaf and Bee-Line for its expansiveness, if anything, as well as a lean towards the occult, & produced several photo-illustrated imprints. Nearly all series advertised others at the back pages. Represented is a handful from their Exotic Special series. The Lust Quake (PES0402, 1969. Michael Owen Sabre. Art School, College Campuses.  Hole-Punch Remainder). The Promoter (PES0404, 1969. Michael Hunt. Prostitution). Rub The Real Thing (PES0409, 1969. Saxon Craig. Traveling Southern Writer Memoirs). Balls Of Fire (PES0410, 1969. Ben Stark. Trucker). Cloud One-Sixty-Nine (PES0411, 1969. Del Britt. Florida, Lesbiana). Turn The Screw (PES0413, 1969. Ben Stark. College Campus Questioning Sexuality). Butterfield Ate (PES0414, 1969. Thomas D. Bennett, III. Georgia Marijuana Growers). Take Me, I'm Cherry (PES0415, 1969. Del Britt. Weird Cabin Sex). Cat In A Hot Tin House (PES0418, 1969. Saxon Craig. Prostitution Ring). Shadow Woman (PES0419, 1969. Del Britt. Dwarf, Sex Rites, BDSM). Love Is A Stiff Tongue (PES0423, 1970. Del Britt. Aspiring Disc Jockey). Lustful Valley (PES0425, 1970. Jack Pine. Western. Hole-Punch Remainder). Eating Stuff (PES0427, 1970. Del Britt. Drugs, Bikers). Very Good Plus overall, a few lesser, a few remainders.  [Book ID: 125778]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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