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Pendulum Books: illustrated pink series (13 vintage adult paperbacks)

Pendulum Books: illustrated pink series (13 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125449

Los Angeles, CA: Pendulum Publishers, 1970-71. Los Angeles, CA & Atlanta, GA: Pendulum, Inc., 1970-71. Distributed by PND (Parliament News??). Vintage lurid paperbacks featuring printed illustrated pink covers w/ gray borders, later issues feature b/w photos throughout. Pendulum, noted for its employ of cult writer/director Ed Wood Jr, rivaled Greenleaf and Bee-Line for its expansiveness, if anything, as well as a lean towards the occult, & produced several imprints featuring photo illustrations throughout. Nearly all series' advertised other imprints at the back pages. Represented is a handful from their pink series. VG+ unless noted. A YOUNG WIFE'S TALE - 6917, 1970. William Reddman. Prostitution. VG. BIG RICHARD'S BUSINESS - 6919, 1970. Ande Bracey. Drummer becomes male prostitute. WARM AND READY -  6921, 1970. Giacinto Giambalvo. Stag films. Remainder. THE DEVIL YOU LAY - 6922, 1970. Olga Gustave. Murder mystery. Remainder. PALACE OF LUST - 6923, 1970. Lisa Fanchon. Nymphomaniac male. JUNGLE LUST... - 6925, 1970. Tomaso Makoff. African safari. VG. MADE THE HARD WAY - 6927, 1970. Vess Viper. NY shoe salesman. Remainder. SMALL TOWN FREAK-OUT - 6928, 1970. Warren Pietz. Midwest drugs. Hole-punch remainder. LIZA HONEYPOT - 6929, 1970. Claude Bohls. Bisexual stripper. MASSAGE MY MEDIUM - 6930, 1970. Joaquin Quinn. Futuristic Hispanic memoirs? Hole-punch remainder. BLOW-OUT! - 6933, 1970. Arch Andrews. One of 1st in series w/ photos. Set in Florida. WIFE IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD - 6934, 1970. William Reddman. Photos. Doting voyeur husband. VG. ACE OF SPADES! - 6939, 1971. Bob Bisley. Photos. Black businessman, interracial.  [Book ID 125449] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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