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Penthouse: Girls of Caligula (Vintage adult magazine, 1981)

Penthouse: Girls of Caligula (Vintage adult magazine, 1981)

SKU: 126222

Guccione, Bob (publisher, photography); Geoffrey Rian, Earl Miller, Gernot Plitz, Stan Malinowski, Richard Romero (photography)


Penthouse: Girls of Caligula (Vintage adult magazine, 1981)


New York: Penthouse International, Ltd., 1981. Distributed by Curtis Circulation Company (CCC logo on front), full-color throughout, 140pp, $3.95 cover price, perfect-bound. Vintage adult magazine, in essence an elaborate film program, featuring stills from the film “Caligula” (1979), directed by Tinto Brass, produced & directed by Penthouse publisher, Guccione, & starring Malcolm McDowell. The film met critical praise, an equal share of controversy, an enduring fan base. Poster art, Penthouse Pets on making the film, several bonus layouts of same pets from previous Penthouse issues (1975-77, 1980), & Guccione speaks.


Anneka de Lorenzo & Lori Wagner wraparound covers/12pp, Juliet Morris 5pp/centerfold, Jane Hargrave outdoors 7pp, Helen Lang mystical 5pp/centerfold, Lori Wagner 5pp, Signe Berger 5pp/centerfold, Anneka di Lorenzo 7pp, Susanne Saxon 5pp, Henrietta Kelogg 7pp, Bonnie Dee Wilson 5pp/centerfold, Melanie Sutherland 5pp, Carolyn Patsis 5pp/centerfold, Valerie Rae Clark 5pp/centerfold, poster 1pp. 

Very Good Plus, rubbing. [Book ID 126222] [Magazines]


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