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Photo Story (Vintage magazine, Mar 1943)

Photo Story (Vintage magazine, Mar 1943)

SKU: 125539

Photographers: Paul Hesse, Philip Mackenzie, Curt West, Lucien Aigner (ice skatin), Roy Lester, Eileen Darby, Frederick L. Hamilton, Jack Manning (Stillman's boxing gym), Paulus Leeser, Charles Rhodes, James Hare, Monkemeyer, David Eisendrath, Hugh Broderick, Fawcett Studio, Roy Pinney, Corsini, Les Weissman; Art: Frederic Stanley


Louisville, KY: Country Press, 1943. V3 N7, March 1943. Vintage tabloid-size (approx. 10 x 13 inches) magazine devoted to news, entertainment, and pin-ups, w/ an eye towards war happenings. Sonia Gover cover, international women, Army Medical Corps, magician John Scarne, Rheingold's brewery ad campaign, Japanese & Chinese military, income tax, Broadway plays, Preston Sturges, torture tactic, Branch Rickey, stocking designer Willys DeMond (Judy Garland, Alice Faye, Ann Miller, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth), photo mystery, Red Cross nurses, New England living in Hollywood, small "47 cents" Barbara Nichols ad. Good condition. Scarce issue. [Book ID 125539] [Magazines]


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