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Physique Pictorial (Vintage adult magazine, 1957)

Physique Pictorial (Vintage adult magazine, 1957)

SKU: 125628

Mizer, Bob (publisher, photographer); Tom of Finland (artist)


Los Angeles, CA: Physique Pictorial, 1957. V7 N1, Spring 1957. Vintage adult digest magazine featuring the male figure in glistening, rippling form. Published and photographed by Mizer, with guest photographers throughout, the physique magazine broke through as the first openly erotic magazine aimed at advancing the status  (or simply, the physical) quo of the American gay male, beginning as a "study" periodical and ending as a softcore pornography rag, with cut-and-paste advertisements, images, and body measurements from front to back, start to finish. Many of Mizer's models were former service men, bikers, and body-builders, many w. well-sculpted dimensions, tattoos. Mizer published his "Physique Pictorial" for 40 years, and it erects a definitive monument in the history of human sexuality and mass media. This issue notable for its cover art by Tom of Finland, marking the artist's first US appearance. Frankie Russell, Martin Moss, Louis Craig, Jack Porter, Steve Revere, Wally Schillcutt, Jack Conant, John Lacey, Johnny Tabor, Hank Prater, Dale Ausborn, Glen Robinson, Art-Bob & William M. MacLane drawings, Andy Kozak, Bob Louis Sweet, Larry Farrell, Mike Sill, Richard Ellis, Dale Huff, Jack Harte, Richard Donne, Wally Jenner, Sherwood Forrester, Don Fuller, Hubert La Page, Rene Arlandis, Charles Grayling, Charles Kiley, Andrea Georges, bob Estilita, Charles Stroeder, John Lang, Bill Suitro, hunky Native American chief Kurt Freeman rear panel. 31 pp, b/w throughout. Toning, else NF.  [Book ID: 125628]  [Magazines]


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