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Pic (3 Vintage pin-up digest magazines, 1958)

Pic (3 Vintage pin-up digest magazines, 1958)

SKU: 125712

Dunellen, NJ: Wagner Publications, 1958. Distributed by ID/PDC. B/W throughout, 130pp. Vintage long-running non-nude pin-up digest magazines devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models. Similar to FOTORAMA, EYE, TAB, VUE, etc. V29 N4, JUL 1958: Beverly Wright cover/layout! Photographers: Keith Bernard, Jacques DeLangre, W.R. Harris, Birnbach, Kurt Reichert, Clarence Wyatt, Geo. Posner, Eddie Rocco. Iris Bristol, new cars, Sahara oil, West Indies cruises, insecticides, nuclear rockets, Frank Sinatra, Texas treasure, Jack Dempsey, Brigitte Bardot 6pp, Mickey Mantle, Jonnie Jones 6pp, trout fishing, Tracy Morgan, fencing in undies, boats, Michelle Lorre, Iris Bristol 5pp, Stan Musial, humor (Al Kaufman). V29 N5, SEP 1958: Maria Lina cover/layout! Photographers: Anthony DiMarco, Keith Bernard, Amer. Motorcycle Assn., Robert Simmons, Jack Kemmerer, Larry Gilmore, Posner, Fran Hunt, Harold Helfer. Canada's Madame Zee, mink gas chamber, living to 100, Tina Louise & Fay Spain, Julius LaRosa, vignettes (Ekberg, Lollobrigida, Sabrina), Greta Thyssen, Duke Snider, Warren Spahn, Jayne Mansfield, Sharon Johnson, diary of 7 who died, Shirley Houser as Laurie Evans 4pp, Dane Arden 4pp, humor (Al Kaufman, Tupper). V29 N6, NOV 1958: Marisa Allasio cover/6pp layout! Photographers: Leo Fuchs, Larry Gilmore, Posner, DiMarco, Helfer, Reichert. Margie Moran 5pp, Brigitte Bardot, trapped on sinking ship, Alfred Momo, Ted Williams, windjammers, London vice, Pacific battlegrounds, June McCall, Hartog models, Vest Pocket paperback girl Judy Bamber, Anne Fleming, Jean Marie Lussier, Houlihan art, humor (Tupper, Wiseman).   Very Good overall.  [Book ID: 125712]  [Magazines]


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