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Pic (4 vintage digest pin-up magazines, 1955-57)

Pic (4 vintage digest pin-up magazines, 1955-57)

SKU: 125725

Dunellen, NJ: Wagner Publications, 1955-57. Four vintage digest pin-up magazines, distributed by ID/PDC. B/W throughout, 130pp. Vintage long-running non-nude pin-up digest magazines devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models. Similar to FOTORAMA, EYE, TAB, VUE, etc. V26 N1, MAR 1955: Mara Lane cover! Volkswagens, pinball in Japan, sex change Roberta Cowell, Ukraine's secret army, Cleveland vice, rogue bulls, greyhound hunt coyote, modern ranch houses, Liberace vs. Valentino, jazz, boxing, frogmen. Reamer Keller humor, Bill Wenzel 1pp. Kim Novak, Mary Murphy, leggy Kathleen Hughes, Lila King, Yvonne de Carlo. Photographers: Carlyle Blackwell Jr., Klaus Kallmorgen, Ed Sand, Richard Hartt, Cooper Rudolph, Glay Sperling, Bill Mark, Wal Wiggins, Walter Wettschreck. V26 N2, MAY 1955: Kim Novak cover! Sophia Loren shooting pool 8pp, Puerto Ricans, Atlantic Ocean warming up, fast cars, murder towns, campus love, Iwo Jima, pocket radio, blazing swamp, burro hunting, boxing, garden carts, storage ideas, Giants' Alvin Dark, humor (Al Kaufman, Reamer Keller), vignettes (Lilly Cat Girl Christine, Novak, Myriam Bru, Lollobrigida, Podesta), early pinups. Photographers: Coburn, Jack Belletti, Bill Stahl, O.C. Sweet, Arch Hindman, Bob Gookin, Ed Sand, Geo. Cooper Rudolph, Julius Shulman, Richard Fish. V27 N4, OCT 1956: Anita Ekberg cover/8pp layout! Pearl Harbor spy, Montreal dice game, New York rookie police, hollow core doors, Mickey Mantle, slingshots, Bing Crosby on golf, racers, undressed violinist Paula Usahn, Red Skelton, Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, Joi Lansing 5pp, Nancy Young 6pp, Bill Wenzel 1pp, Jane Russell 1pp, Rene Andre 1pp. Photographers: Fox, Julian Graham, Paual Usahn, Ed Sand, NASCAR, Ivor Sharp, Glay Sperling, Chet Derby, Russ Meyer (Nancy Young), Ace Williams, Inman, Keith Bernard. V28 N2, MAR 1957: Keith Bernard model cover! Pat Donovan, liquor in Britain, old cars, fluoridation, GI sin overseas, boxing, Freedom Balloons, hangover cures, buried gold, U505 capture, smuggling in China tale, Elvis Presley, Ann Neylan, Sophia Loren 6pp, Victor Borge, Mona Miller, Spike Jones, Marilyn Monroe vignette, moon reservations, Clyde Lamb cartoons, Dolores Donlon, camera club girl Linda Cadi. Photographers: George Posner, Frank Fish, Dave Strickler, H. Helfer, Richard Wilcox, Russ Meyer (Mona Miller), F. Mastro. Very Good overall.   [Book ID: 125725]  [Magazines]


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