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  • Picture Scope (8 vintage tabloid/pinup digest magazines, 1955-61)

    SKU: 125317

    [Magtab Publishing]


    Picture Scope (8 vintage pinup digest magazines, 1955-61)


    New York: Magtab Publishing, 1955-61. Eight vintage digest magazines, distributed by ID/K (Kable). B/W throughout, ~130pp. Vintage non-nude pinup digest magazine devoted to celebrities, vice, truce crime, swimsuits,  burlesque, copious photographs & great models. Similar to Foto-rama, Eye, Tab, Vue. 


    V3 N6, September 1955: Pat Hall, Gloria Pall, Donna Brown, Eve Meyer & bongo stud, Sabrina, Sophia Loren, Corinne Calvet, Marilyn Monroe & elephant, Artists & Models Ball, Gen. Custer, Robert Mitchum , Lauren Bacall, Benny Goodman, treasure.


    V4 N1, November 1955: Lee Wilson, Del Hayden, Earl Leaf, Rita Moreno, Gerry Sequin Garner, Arline Hunter, Debra Paget, Zorita & John Astor, US smut rackets, rattlesnakes, Turkish harems, bash-ball.


    V5 N5, July 1957: Cheryl Kubert, Marilyn Robbins, Micki Marlo & leopard, Cleo Moore, Evelyn West, Lilly Lamont, Candy Barr, Jennie Lee, Diving horses, Nippon baths, NY jazz, women's' prison, Al Weiss strippers' musician.


    V5 N6, September 1957: Anita Ekberg, Black Star, Ron Vogel, Vikki Dougan, Scarlett O'Hara, Mara Corday, Jean Jani, stripper Edith Griebel, Marla English. Alpine treks, Earl Wilson, evil rock music, South Pacific vice, Grace Kelly's army, skid row.


    V7 N3, March 1959: SIGNED by Blaze Starr 1pp, Carsten-Harris, Perlmutter, Bunny Yeager, Jackie Miller, Yvette Vickers, Lita Milan, Jayne Mansfield, Chris Starr, Monique Van Vooren bowling, homosexual diplomats, Boris Karloff, peace atom.


    V8 N5, October 1960: Barbara Roscoe, Sabrina, Lilly Christine, Kalantan, Brigitte Baum, Freddie Johnson, Donna Long, Jane Small, Ann Austin 2pp, Audrey Wyatt, Nicky Vaughn, Jerry Ray. San Quentin, African witch doctors, Kirk Douglas.


    V9 N2, July 1961: Marcy Fraser, Compendium Pix, Reuter Photos, Sequin Garner, Donalda Jordan, Ann Peters, Anita MacRae, Watson girls, Belle Ayre, Kitty Randall, Bunny Bacon, Pat Conley. Concert Mayol, Singapore vice, gypsies, beatniks.


    V9 N3, October 1961: Dawn Oney, Graphic House, Uris Studio, Julie Gibson, Iris Bristol, Rosemary Clarke, Bonnie Logan, J. Mansfield, Gigi Frost, Midori Kawasaki, Zahra Norbo, Bunny Yeager, "Our Wonderland By Night" film, Big Beat, lady matador.


    Very Good overall. Full collation details upon request. [Book ID 125317] [Magazines]


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