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Picture Show (2 vintage pin-up magazines, 1959)

Picture Show (2 vintage pin-up magazines, 1959)

SKU: 125699

New York: Pictures Magazines, 1959. Additional entry at Meriden, CT; distributed by Kable. B/W throughout, 82pp. Vintage non-nude pinup magazine devoted to culture, burlesque & nightlife, true crime, cartoons, horse racing, general masculinity. Began late 1940s as scandal rag (or 1930s film mag??). Later issues are choice. V2 N2, JUN 1959: Jackie Miller cover, python duel, stripper Gilda aka Shirley Jean, Paris vice, jai alai, Lisa London, college hazingFlora Balmoral fishnets, Kopu natives, Arkansas diamonds, Tana Leigh, Italian brothels, Michiko Hamamura (Japan's Bardot), Texas Sheridan, ads (Shirley Kilpatrick, Brigitte Bardot, Jayne Mansfield, Virginia Bell, Honey Bee). Cartoons: Dennis, O'Brien, Reamer Keller, Hills, Tupper, Robin. V2 N3, SEP 1959: Margie Moran blonde cover, Sequin Garner, Tempest Storm, Arlene Oyster Girl, alligator wrangler, dope pushers, La Belle contortionist, Yamamitsu witch, Joanne Berges, Greenwich Village drag queens, Betty Ronson in tub, Arkansas gars, Laura Lee aka Bonnie Logan, Elko vice, Tana Louise, Scott Weldon, Melvin Bakkerud, ads (Sophia Loren, Bardot, Honey Bee, Virginia Bell, Mansfield, Kilpatrick). Cartoons: Dennis, Ulsh, Reamer Keller, Sharp, Frank Beaven. VG+ overall.  [Book ID: 125699]  [Magazines]


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