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Playgirl (4 Vintage adult magazines, 1974-84)

Playgirl (4 Vintage adult magazines, 1974-84)

SKU: 125814

California: Playgirl, Inc., 1974-84. Four issues of the adult magazine featuring nude male model layouts, great writers/photography. Similar to "Playboy," but the male variety, and arguably the most recognized magazine of its kind. V1 N11, APR 1974: Softcore oceanside, Trosley art, orgy advice, Anais Nin, pap smear article, Flo Kennedy, Peter Lupus 4-panel foldout, Charo, Taki, acupuncture. 1975 CALENDAR: George Maharis, Jim Brown, John Coletti, Barry Hostetler, Peter Lupus, Lou Zivkovich, Rogers Bros, Lloyd Beardsley, Jean-Paul Vignon, Bill Douglas, Christopher George, Garrison Wayne, Marc Hampton. V6 N2, JUL 1978: Dessert bootleggers, Guillermo Vilas, Soho, Michael Montelbano centerfold, Roger Moore, Robert Redford, Bruce Dern, Jan Michael Vincent, Anais Nin, amateurs. V12 N3, AUG 1984: Dirk Benedict, Dustin Hoffman, 24-hr lifestyle boosters, angry sex, Stephen Scott centerfold, Olympics salute, cheeks. Very Good overall.  [Book ID: 125814]  [Magazines]


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