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Ram Classic (18 vintage adult paperbacks)
  • Ram Classic (18 vintage adult paperbacks)

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    Ram Classic (18 vintage adult paperbacks)


    Las Vegas: M-T Publishers, 1968. Eighteen vintage adult paperbacks from Ram Classic, late 1960s erotic novels from short-lived but prolific publisher, M-T Publishers (Las Vegas, NV), distributed by Renegade. Series handled seemingly every subject, and always fresh cover art. Very Good overall, light rubbing and foxing, a few light creases, slight lean, and notes below:


    The American Way of Sex - Sean Greene, RC-507, June 1968. Sawcut remainder. 

    Noon Till Dawn - W. Claber, RC-518, October 1968. 

    Experiments in Wife-Swapping - Hugh & June Jones, RC-519, October 1968. Ink to front.

    Dirty Old Woman - Jill Clay, RC-533, February 1969. 

    The Journal of Jean Traegart - Geoffrey Neil (ed.), RC-534, February 1969. Remainder punch to front/stamps to bottom, heavy foxing & stains.

    The Sex Itch - R. C. Gold, RC-535, February 1969. Sticker shadow to front.

    A Switch-Hitter Follows the Ads: A Sex Odyssey - Jill Baker Boyle, RC-536, February 1969. 

    Butterfly Kiss - James Z. Muntz, RC-541, April 1969.  Remainder marks. 2 copies.

    Sexburst on the Road (Vol. II) - A. Gambry Hill, RC-549, June 1969. VG+.

    Mind Over Sex - Mark Eden, RC-550, June 1969. 

    Sexburst in Illinois, or The Gynecocraville Visit Upheld [The Sexburst Quartet: Volume 3] - A. Gambry Hill, RC-553, July 1969. Brief ink on top edges, price sticker on fr. wrapper verso. 

    The Art Flicks: Sex on Celluloid - Wallace Williams, RC-560, August 1969. Heavy rubbing.

    Report: Singles-Only Apartments - Ferenc Sari, RC-562, August 1969. VG+.

    The Further Confessions of a Sex Slave - Jeri J. told to Peter Kevin, RC-570, November 1969. H. Spencer Ashbee quote first page. Good+.

    From Oral to Anal: The New Taboo - John Nada, RC-573, December 1969. VG+. 

    AC/DC Wife - Patricia Laurel, RC-574, December 1969. VG+.

    The Bed-Hoppers - G. H. Scloesser, RC-580, January 1970. VG+.

    For mature, consenting audiences. [Book ID 127106] 


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