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Rascal (vintage digest adult magazine, 1957)

Rascal (vintage digest adult magazine, 1957)

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Dienes, Andre de, and Bunny Yeager (contributors)

Bunny Yeager (photog.)


Rascal (vintage digest adult magazine, 1957)


Chicago, IL: Self published, 1957. Vintage adult magazine, short-lived nude pinup digest from one of the three major mid-century "vice" cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, presumably). Featuring some of the popular photographers of the time, including Danny Rouzer and Bunny Yeager, w/ fiction, cartoons, and jokes splattered throughout. The title lasted well into the late 1970s. Each issue ran about 66pp, B/W throughout. V1 N1, premier issue [1957]: Lynn Lampert front (Eric Herman), Danny Rouzer, David Mills, Bunny Yeager, Anthony DiMarco, Marilyn vs. Sophia "bust challenge." Strong VG overall. For mature, consenting audiences. 


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