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Rene Bond, cover model (3 Vintage adult paperbacks, 1 film reel)
  • Rene Bond, cover model (3 Vintage adult paperbacks, 1 film reel)

    SKU: 125824

    Various cities: Various Publishers, 1971-78. Three vintage adult paperbacks and 1 8mm color film featuring prolific adult film star of the 70s, Rene Bond, notably a familiar face in magazines, including work with Elmer Batters. She also acted in drive-in feature films & gave notable magazine appearances, like All Man (8/72, cover/centerfold). Steve Sullivan's "Glamour Girls," #527. Bond passed in 1996, an AVN HOF member. The Sex Researcher (Tina Holmes, Liverpool Library Press / Working Girls Series WGS309, 1978. Rene in pink nightie, fat wedding ring and shiny red lips. Come hither!). The Working Woman's Sex Life (Dr. Guenter Klow, Eros Goldstripe / Guenter Klow Library GKL-112, 2nd print 1975. Rene & stud ready for love, her memorable smile queued. City News sticker). The Boss's Secretary (Anthony Collins, Star Publication, MP-113, 1971. Rene in beaded choker. Early career appearance. Remainder). Renee [Does It in the Bathtub] (The Collection N9. Late 1970s-1980s. Color 8mm in original box. Rene hardcore w/ stud on front. Mostly unknown title. Not played/tested, film looks clean. Box rough). Very Good to Very Good Plus.   [Book ID: 125824]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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