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Rogue (3 vintage adult magazines, 1959-61)

Rogue (3 vintage adult magazines, 1959-61)

SKU: 125408

Illinois: Greenleaf, 1959-61. Three vintage adult magazines. Rogue collected some of the day's best writers and photographers, and was inclusive of all things Classy. A high-end competitor of PLAYBOY. All issues are Remainder copies. V4 N7, Sep 1959: "Gypsy" on Broadway, Bunny Yeager photos, Maria Stinger rear foldout calendar girl; text by Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Connie Sellers, Nat Hentoff, William F. Nolan, art by Dak, Bill Wenzel.   V5 N4, Jun 1960: Tammy Edwards layout/foldout, Russ Meyer shoots June Wilkinson, text by Lenny Bruce, William F. Nolan on Otto Preminger, Alfred Bester, Ben Hecht, Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, art by Dak and Pete Wyma. V6 N1, Jan 1961: Tina Louise cover (presumed), Virginia Gordon layout/foldout (Ron Vogel, epic); text by Alfred Bester, Lenny Bruce, Charles Delaunay on Django Reinhardt, Bunny Yeager's "Girls of the Zodiac," Newport Jazz riots, art by Dak,Wenzel, and Kley. [Book ID 125408] [Magazines]


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