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Rogue, CoQ, Rascal, Swank, Velvet (11 vintage adult magazines)

Rogue, CoQ, Rascal, Swank, Velvet (11 vintage adult magazines)

SKU: 125436

Rogue, CoQ, Rascal, Swank, Velvet (11 vintage adult magazines)


Various cities: Various Publishers, 1959-81. Eleven vintage adult magazines, various publishers. Veritable grab-bag of mid-century erotica. Very Good to Near Fine.


Rogue, a fine men's magazine, great fiction, articles, fold-out pinups. 

December, 1959, V4 N9: Lenny Bruce, Bill Brewer, Denver night life, Dak cartoons, Karen Lynn (center, p. Ray Klein), jazz (Nat Hentoff), matadors, Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson.

February, 1961, V6 N2: Alfred Bester, Lenny Bruce, Evan Hunter (Ed McBain) on sin and suburbia, Ian Fleming by William F. Nolan, Marjorie Friend (fold-out, p. Ron Vogel), blues obituary (Gabriel Favoino), "Naked Island" (Bunny Yeager), Reamer Keller.


CoQ: The International Perspective, men's magazine more artistic in approach/execution, published in Chicago. Good photography, interesting layouts, attractive models, articles on top authors/entertainers. 

March, 1974, V1 N3: Rodney Dangerfield, Andy Warhol interview, liquor ads, oil industry, Hispanic Nadine, Nelson Algren, co-ed fencing, Liv Ullman. 

April, 1974, V1 N4: Henry H. Roth fiction, science fiction & women, America's health care, Sherman Skolnick interview, nice girl/bicycle layouts.

May, 1974, V1 N5: Professor William Shockley on racial genetics, private eye fiction Gary Glanz, painter Betty Dodson, Skrebenski layout, videoculture, William Blatty on "The Exorcist", art by Rodrigues.


Rascal, published by makers of Men's Digest, Best for Men. B/W throughout. 

July, 1967, V5 N2: Anastasia Anaxias, sleaze fiction Con Sellers, Frederico Garcia Lorca, girls of Broadway (Carol Doda, Donna Lee), Conan by Mike Resnick, Moss Tadrack fiction, Vivian Warren, NY's "Africa Room," art by de Carlo. 


Velvet -  

September, 1978, V2 N1: Anna Maria, "magic mouth" contest, M. George Haddad on Satanism, sex laws, Samantha (front, layout), Linda Gordon subscriber ad, 4-pp fold-out Fantasy Girl (no name), Mexican Weed Killer vs. the Gringo Dopers, Rhonda Jo Petty w/ John Holmes vignettes, Don Lomax comic strip. 

March, 1980, V3 N7: Velva Feeley, switch-hitter confession, Miss Dallas, swinger's directory, Shawn Kerri art (Space Brothel), cover girl Candice (centerfold), poolside lesbians, sex toys craze. 

March, 1981, V4 N7: Velva Feeley, Halloween in San Francisco, erotica by Tim Conaway, Monica by Ed Alexander, Superman cartoon, swinging, foot sex, cowgirl Jesse by Ed Holzman, Michael Ochs, Crystal by Ed Alexander, Daphne by POM.


Swank - 

April, 1980, V27 N4: female fantasies, Bill Wilkinson (KKK wizard) interview, Tammy Warren by Stuart Citrin, Kissimmee rodeo cowboys, Sally & Brad by Hubert Blume softcore, Toni by RBK centerfold, girls of Florida, 83 men in 1 night w/ Tara Alexander, "Mants" comic-strip Bob Aull, Bob Zahn.

June, 1973, V20 N4: uncommon issue Linda Lovelace on the front, Lovelace covergirl/layout, W.D. Sprague, the Mafia by Antonio Calabrese, Nelson Algren, blonde Sandy layout, Cote d'Azur, cocaine, S. Harris art, Petula Prentiss layout/center, Joseph Heller, vagina plaster caster, Holly Frost layout.


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