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See [The New Magazine for Men] (Vintage adventure magazine, Jan 1958)

See [The New Magazine for Men] (Vintage adventure magazine, Jan 1958)

SKU: 125884

Bakal, Carl, and Dick Kaplan, Peter D. Albertson, Betsy Katzin, Golda Weiss, Sam Ruvidich (editors); F. L. Coffman, Gordon Forrest, Daniel M. Burnham, Matthew Gant, Richard Gehman, martin Caldin, Russ Meyer (contributors); Harvey Kidder (illus.)

New York: Literary Enterprises, 1958. V17 N1, January 1958. Distributed by ICD. B/W/duochrome throughout, 90pp, side-stapled. Vintage adventure magazine devoted to fiction, men's interest, sports, exposés, w/ light pin-up photography. Long-running, began 1940s as larger format tabloid, ended late 1960s, book-length entries. Ties to Popular Library, Miss magazine, Real magazine. Pat Boone on cover/layout, Mitzi Gaynor, phony doctors, Abercrombie & Fitch novelties, skydivers, "Private Tompkins' Naked Wife," poison London fog, Swedish Ingrid Goude 4pp, treasure hunting. Very Good Plus. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013.  [Book ID: 125884]  [Magazines]


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