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See (Vintage tabloid magazine, May 1956)

See (Vintage tabloid magazine, May 1956)

SKU: 125865

Blau, Sidney, and Carol Dariff, Sam Ruvidich (editors); William T. Hartnage, John Owen, Tim Taylor (contributors); David Seymour, Ray Jacobs, Gene Lesser, Keystone, Judson Hall, Black Star, Weldon King, tore Johnson, Gamma, George Zimbel, Birback (photographers)

New York: Literary Enterprises, 1956. V15 N3, May 1956. Larger format magazine (approx. 10.25 x 13.5 inches) devoted to celebrity sightings, sports, world happenings, war events, and more, with an emphasis on scantily clad women wearing high heels and pantyhose. Lots of full-page photographs and good coverage of adult nightlife. Long-running. Joan Collins cover/layout, Doubleday ook club ad, runaway husbands/deadbeat dads, "Debutantes" series 1: Betty Benee, Cyprus Island war, Rita Gam, auto accidents, Charle'n Castle in Africa, Ernest Hemingway lives dangerously, Horse Pushball, TV panels, New Orleans' Bourbon Street, Hugh McCaffrey male model/photographer, Lawrence Welk ad, international swimsuits, Fred Ostenreider. Good, insect chew (wrapper nearly detached). Two images stitched together to show complete.   [Book ID: 125865]  [Magazines]


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