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Sexplicit Library (6 vintage adult paperbacks)
  • Sexplicit Library (6 vintage adult paperbacks)

    SKU: 125159

    Mead, Jerry and Elmer Kent, Marsha Moore, Cindy Holloway, Rex Braun (writers)


    N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1983-84. Six vintage adult paperbacks, published in California and distributed by Parliament News, featuring illustrated covers and featuring many themes. WORKSHOP ORGY (SL105, 1983. Factory love). ANNE'S HUNGERS (SL111, 1983. College, elements of crime). A PANTY PARTY (SL118, 1984.  Women's shoe salesman). TRAINED MAID (SL126, 1984. Hollywood lawyer hires maid). ORGY GIRL (SL136, 1984. Blues musicians). SEA-GOING SHE SLUT (SL151, 1984. Lady cop, date stamp top edges). Very Good overall, all Remainder Clip.  [Book ID 125159] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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