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She Fights! / Cat Fights (10 vintage adult paperbacks)

She Fights! / Cat Fights (10 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125786

New York: Star Distributors, 1987-96. Ten vintage adult paperbacks from a prolific modern distributor known for its vast reprints of classic smut paperbacks. Mostly women fighting women themes, bright illustrated covers of battling femmes. This particular line from Star likely short-lived, maybe 100+ titles. 4-letter words rampant; most titles went uncredited to any author. Two "Catfights" titles are included, presumably an extension of the same material published under "She Fights." Great drive-in exploitation titles. Paperback ads at the back. Twisted Tits (SF107, 1987, Jet-set in NY). Hot Car Vixens (SF115, [1987-88], Bored housewife, NY suburbs). Battling Biker Chicks! (SF117, 1988, Harleys, biker gang). Starlet Wars (SF118, 1988, Female boxer). Boxing Babes (SF119, 1988, Boxing, wrestling). Killer Car Hops! (SF121, 1988, Unsatisfying big city, fem-dom). Lion-Taming Tigresses! (SF126, 1988, Circus). Truck-Stop Slut! (SF151, 1990, Preliminary pages loose). Nasty Bitches (CF130, Oct 1995, Photo covers. Pro wrestling). Hot-Tempered Honeys (CF136, Jan 1996, Truck stops). Very Good Plus overall, most remainder clipped.  [Book ID: 125786]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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