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Sheer Delight (Vintage adult magazines, first two issues, 1958)

Sheer Delight (Vintage adult magazines, first two issues, 1958)

SKU: 125130

Batters, Elmer, and as "Jerry Taylor" (publisher, editor, photographer); Harry M. Carlisle (art director); Francis H. Barnard (asst. art director)


Sheer Delight (2 Vintage adult magazines, 1958)


Hollywood, CA: Batters Publications, 1958. Two vintage adult magazines, credited to Elmer A. Batters & "Jerry Taylor" (Batters), featuring photography of nude women in nylons, garter belts, lingerie, posing outdoors, on stairs, by the fireplace. Batters even contributes editorial. His prolific fetish photography of contour, nylon hosiery, simple yet elegant high-heeled shoes (even sneakers), was self-published for much of his career. During these years, before his work for Parliament News, set the standard for future photographers like Eric Kroll, Chas Krider. This series ran only a few issues.


V1 N1, 1958; B/W throughout, 40pp, 50 cents cover price, saddle-stapled. Nude castaway Joan Whitfield cover, International Club "Blaze Starr" ad rear cover, blonde Lynn Lampert 2pp, "Dancing Girl" Caprice at El Rancho Club 7pp, apartment complex fiction (J. Weldon), Regina Lynne on Vegas 2pp, mixed drinks 4pp, dirty pictures fiction (M. Donnelly), Dane Arden 2pp, Art Heidrick as Lobo (Batters?) vignette, ads (Gloria Pall, Iris Bristol, Virginia Bell, Honey Bee, Tina Louise).


V1 N2, 1958; B/W throughout, 40pp, 50 centers cover price, saddle-stapled. Brigitte Baum cover/4pp, Windi Holiday on stairs rear cover 3pp, Shakespeare quote contents page, Marilyn Wesley before curtain 4pp, Buster cartoons, Philippines fiction (George MacNeilage), Ann Keller 4pp, dancing lessons fiction (J. Weldon), Pat O'Day 5pp, Francine Weber (whom Batters would later say was murdered) 2pp, Kelly Doran outdoors 2pp, "dee dee" 2pp, Lynn Lampert reclining 1pp, brunette & vinyl albums 1pp, ads (Lili St. Cyrs, old pistols, drinking team shirts).


Very Good overall, sawtooth remainder to top, price stamp/marker to front, staple holes at fore-edge (1); spine roll, rust, rubbing (2). [Book ID 125130] [Magazines]


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