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Sir! (Vintage magazine, Jan 1943)

Sir! (Vintage magazine, Jan 1943)

SKU: 125519

Mt. Morris, IL: Sir Reg Incorporated, 1943. V1 N5, January 1943. Larger format magazine (approx. 10.25 x 13.5 inches), devoted to celebrity sightings, sports, world happenings, war events, and more, with an emphasis on scantily clad women wearing high heels and pantyhose. Lots of full-page photographs, cartoons, fiction. Long-running, would morph into full-fledged softcore newsstand magazine well into the 1970s. Early, larger issues are scarce. David Eisendrafth cover/2pp of Ann Miller, Will F. Jenkins, Knut Johnson (chetniks), Reamer Keller, Kirk Stiles, Hugh B. Cave (gestapos), Herbert L. Herschensohn (mineral oil), Justus Wilbur Day (beautiful USA girls), Damon Runyon (music), George La Mendola, Vic Herman, Zack Strange (Harry James), Priscilla, Ponce de Leon, Granville C. Pool (Japanese story), Hans Reinhart football photos, Frank Kane (Prohibition), Eric Ericson, Arthur Mann (boxing Canada Lee), Jack Sale, Maurice Zolotow (mail orders), Harry Lee (horse players), Rita Hayworth centerfold (!), Hart Stilwell (football), Clay Cotter (football), Eric Gordon (Jean Darling), Frank Brookhouser fiction, Levelle photos Copacabana, Haskell Cohen (pro wrestling), gold-lamé (Ida Lupino, Jane Wyman, Alexis Smith, Lorraine Gettman, Kaaren Verne), Pat Ogden by Arthur Hammer, gambling, Brooklyn beach lessons. VG, light rubbing, moderate foxing, short tears. [Book ID 125519] [Magazines]


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