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Sir! (Vintage magazine, November 1952)

Sir! (Vintage magazine, November 1952)

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Lopez, Adrian B. (ed.-in-chief); Pat Lamar, B.L. Bunn (eds.); Jay Burtis (advertising); Vladimir Mikuleqicz, Phillip MacKenzie, Ben Houston, L. MacKay Phelps, Peter B. O'Connor, David T. Maddock, Arthur Everett Scott, R. Mamula, Steve April, Bob McKnight, D.W. Henry, Sgt. Scotty Jones to Dewey Linze, Sgt. Lewis Meyers, Capt. Jafar Clarke, Carlos Rodriguez, Clem Boddington, Mickey Riordan (contribs.); Ebers, Louis Priscilla, Jon Laurell, A.R.K. Wright, B. Marico, Frank Beaven (illus.); Ewing Galloway (photog.)


Sir! (Vintage magazine, November 1952)


New York: Volitant Publishing, 1952. Vol. 8 No. 2, November; 25c cover price, 82pp, b/w throughout, color wrapper, side-stapled, perfect-bound. Vintage magazine devoted to sports, military, nightlife, reader forum, oddities, news, culture, pinups, aimed at male audiences. Ran 1942-1980s, began as adventure and ended as pornography. Notable Marilyn Monroe issue (Dec. 1952). Barbara Nichols cover/4pp, Ward Laboratories rear cover, Ponomorenko, Abdul Hamid, Korea snipers, matador, boxing, Shanghai vice, short sex life, "the Bride's Return," Douglas MacArthur, Korean war bride, "The Chase," Florida pirate treasure, "On the Hook," Africa prostitution, sex foods, horse racing, Eva Peron, ads (Excelsior Inst., LaSalle, hypnotism, Charles Atlas). Very Good Plus, light toning to rear, light spine stress and brief tears.


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