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Slaves of the Dungeonmaster (Vintage adult magazine, Serena Czarnecki, 1976)

Slaves of the Dungeonmaster (Vintage adult magazine, Serena Czarnecki, 1976)

SKU: 125087

Master Mandrake (producer, contributor); E. Gadnob (Western fiction).


Slaves of the Dungeonmaster (Vintage adult bondage Magazine, Serena Czarnecki feature, 1976-77)


Van Nuys, CA: London Enterprises Limited, 1976-77. V1 N2, Winter 1976-77. B/W throughout, $4.00 cover price, 62pp, glossy, distributed by Lyndon Distributing Limited (LDL). Vintage adult bondage magazine, a quarterly featuring women in various bondage scenarios, rope play. Likely the work of one person, w/ similar composition to that of Elmer Batters.


Features prolific 1970s adult filmstar Serena Czarnecki in tantalizing layout as Dora, strapped to a school desk. Serena was featured in the notable 1977 sexploitation film, "Young, Hot 'n Nasty Teenage Cruisers," in an unforgettable scene involving what looks like sweetened condensed milk.


Boots, skirts, lingerie, April, Beth, ebony Vickie, Brandy, Jane, Mary, Anna, Marcia, Betty, Linda, Jan, Annette, Cindy, Marilyn, Dee, Kathy (Su Ling, Russ Meyer actress), Alice. Order form/checklist for LDL.


Very Good Plus, light rubbing, brief scratching. [Book ID 125087] [Magazines]


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