Sloane Britain on Midwood (10 vintage adult paperbacks)

Sloane Britain on Midwood (10 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125347

Britain, Sloan [Brittain, Sloane]
New York: Midwood Books, 1961-77. Ten vintage adult paperbacks, mostly 1970s, by cult adult fiction writer Sloan [Sloane] Brittain (likely a pseudonym), one of the unsung Midwood greats, who wrote steadily for this publisher. That Other Hunger (F119, 1961, "Sloane Britain," Nightclubs, French maids, great Rader garter belt cover); Woman Doctor (F142, 1962, "Sloane Britain," Woman therapist, great Rader cover); Ladder Of Flesh (F177, 1962, "Sloane Britain," Broadway to Bawdy, lesbians); Open House (60371, 1974, Lecherous college professor); The Hustler (60366, 1974, Two-timing factory worker); Sea Of Thighs (34-223, 1969, Insatiable dude in La!); Pillow Talk (61701, 1981, Lusting film actress in Hollywood, Distributor stamp bottom edges); Hanging Loose (60492, 1975, What a great cover! Club owner locates his dancing employees); Pretty Baby (60445, 1974, pretty typist considers her choices in life, romping and stomping along the way); Pretty Baby (61007, 1977, Reprint w/ variant cover); Very Good Plus overall, a few lesser. [Book ID 125347] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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