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Spaceways (11 vintage adult science fiction paperbacks)

Spaceways (11 vintage adult science fiction paperbacks)

SKU: 125445

John Cleve, pseudonym of Andrew J. Offut
New York: Playboy Paperbacks / Berkeley, 1982-85. Offutt wrote upwards of 100 (and maybe more) adult novels before the late 1970s, using pseudonyms like Cleve, Turk Winter, Opal Andrews and more. Offutt's son, Chris, also a noted author, published a short biography that includes bibliography of Andrew's work. This series spanned nineteen books, 1982-1984, nearly all w/ Ken Barr cover art. Under Twin Suns (Number 8, November 1982. VG). In Quest of Qalara (Number 9, January 1983. VG). The Yoke of Shen (Number 10, March 1983). The Iceworld Connection (Number 11, May 1983). Jonuta Rising! (Number 13, September 1983). Assignment: Hellhole (Number 14, November 1983). Starship Sapphire (Number 15, January 1984). The Planet Murderer (Number 16, March 1984). The Carnadyne Horde (Number 17, May 1984). Race Across the Stars (Number 18, July 1984). King of the Slavers (Number 19, January 1985). Very Good Plus overall, one or two lesser. [Book ID 125445] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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