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Startling Detective (Vintage crime magazine, Jackie Miller cover, 1957)

Startling Detective (Vintage crime magazine, Jackie Miller cover, 1957)

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Bayer, Jonas, and Richard Caternang, Pete Brown, Dugal O'Liam, Lola Faye Canada, George Vedder Jones, Walter B. Gibson, John Gunderson, Hal White, Carlos Lane, Martin Donohue, Seymour J. Ettman, Hugh Layne, Ken Davis (contributors)
Startling Detective (Vintage crime magazine, Jackie Miller cover, 1957)

New York: Fawcett Publications, 1957. V48 N291, July 1957. B/W throughout, 80pp. Vice & true crime magazine featuring pinup & noted camera club model, Jackie Miller, on the front, lounging on the stoop w/ smoking cigarette in hand. Miller was an East Coast native born early 1930s, lanky redhead w/ dimensions 40-26-38, appeared throughout the magazine market of the mid 1950s, would eventually do some noteworthy photo sessions w/ the Klaw siblings, often posing as a dominatrix in leather w/ whip. Startling Detective, a magazine that regularly recounted crimes from years prior, published by makers of GOLD MEDAL & several photography how-to manuals. Went well into the 1990s, cover photos increasingly dismal; this middle period showcased excellent staged intro photos for nearly every article & story. Big money did big things for Fawcett, & exotic appeal like Jackie's (Fawcett liked her, she appeared on September 1957 issue, too). Nearly identical to this cover is Barbara Nichols' cover for the November 1965 issue of SD, while other models like Marlyn Maher appeared on other issues.

Sex-mad killers, shot twice & lived, nylon garrote, watery grave, murdered male escort, Alma Montag, Joseph Michel & Edith Hallock, Victoria Zielinski, Wilma Lewis, Beatrice Samples, Herman Behn family vignette.


Almost Near Fine, tiny faint dampstains to the front.


Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," p294, 1999. [Book ID 125982] [Magazines]


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