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Superior Switchboard & Devices Co. (7 vintage pin-up accounting calendars)

Superior Switchboard & Devices Co. (7 vintage pin-up accounting calendars)

SKU: 125590

Superior Switchboard & Devices Co.: Superior Cirkuts (7 vintage pin-up accounting calendars)


Canton, OH: Self published, 1950-1966. Vintage folding calendars featuring pinup photos affixed to the front calendar side, each calendar unfolds to feature jokes inside/back panel. These were issued by various distributing companies to accounting firms, each with a different fiscal period represented. Models & photographers generally went uncredited, but some of these have the coolest, hottest pinup photos around; the jokes are worth the grab too. Arguably scarcer examples of pinup-associated calendars. These particular styles were issued by Superior beginning in the 1930s, & they also produced other items, like matchbooks.


1950, 8th period, Jul-Aug. Nylons, bubbly pipe, garters.

1951, 5th period, Apr-May. Leggy dame watering some flowers in black lingerie.

1952, 10th period, Sep-Oct. Archery in strapless dress & heels.

1953, 6th period, May-Jun. Straw hat/bench, smiling w/ sunglasses.

1955, 13th period, Nov-Dec. Peckish in nightwear, brunette.

1964, 9th period, Aug. By this time the company had ceased the affixed photo cover and began issuing calendars w/ printed imagery, no actual printed photographs. Babe in beach towel.

1966, Mar. Floral bikini babe.


Each 4 x 9 inches, hole-punched for hanging as issued, card stock.


About Near Fine.. All but 2 w/ photos affixed to the front, slight curling at the bottom edge of the photographs. [Book ID 125590] [Calendars]


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