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Suzanne Snow [Sue] (Original mail-order pinup photograph, 1950s)

Suzanne Snow [Sue] (Original mail-order pinup photograph, 1950s)

SKU: 126053

Suzanne Snow [Sue] (Original mail-order pinup photograph, 1950s)


N.p.: N.p., 1950s. Vintage B/W photograph of Suzanne "Sue" Snow in her early modeling days, featured topless in heels, hose, & garters. Produced/distributed by mail-order company similar to the Klaw siblings, garnered from camera club photographer organizations. Photo series number "IPI" [1P1] in lower right. Shadows cover Sue's breasts, her normally shoulder-length hair pinned up, pearl adornments, impressive contours.


Sue appeared in several nudist publications, a 16mm film, late 1950s-60s, lithe & buxom natural figure, cherubic face, blonde locks aptly represent nudist-pinup crossover manifested around the time. Also appeared on novelty calendars. Unsung but worth every red cent.


Single-weight gelatin silver photo approx. 2.25 x 3.75 inches, tiny border. Near Fine, slight curling/discoloration, brief ink notation on verso. [Book ID 126053] [Photographs]


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