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Svensk Zorro (8 vintage adult paperbacks, 1973-74)

Svensk Zorro (8 vintage adult paperbacks, 1973-74)

SKU: 125275

Donald Denver, and Henrik Hedin, Nils Gullstrand, Tage Ericsson, Arnold Anderson, Theo Andrews, Ralph Basura, Richard Page (authors)


Chatsworth, CA: GX, Inc / Zorro Distributing Company, 1973-74. Eight vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Zorro. Photo covers, uncommon & melancholy line of books, published a bunch of homosexually-charged titles, too. At some point during 1973-74, design changed, became Redlight Book series, no longer Svensk. Ties to XXX, Inc., w/ order forms at the rear, & Trojan Classics, Golden Helmet Classics, Spartan Classics. MAY/DECEMBER-THE FORBIDDEN LOVE (Book 3, 1973, Denver) SKI tRAILS AND PUSSY TAILS (Book 5, 1973, Hedin). SUMMER OF SEXUALITY (Book 6, 1973, Gullstrand). THE HORNIEST ROMAN (Book 10, 1973, Ericsson). Swap City (RL307, c. 1974, Anderson). Scarlet Wipe Out (RL312,  c. 1974, Andrews). A Store of Pleasure (RL313, c. 1974, Basura). Sex Cripple (RL316, c. 1974, Page). Very Good Plus overall, some remainders.  [Book ID 125275] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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