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Swank (9 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1961-68)

Swank (9 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1961-68)

SKU: 125673

New York: Royal Publications/ Magnum-Royal, 1961-68. Formerly NY/NJ: Male Publishing Corp, c.1958. Nine issues of vintage pinup magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines w/ blank paper spine; blank paper wrapper & endpapers excised; uniformly trimmed. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist, perhaps collected for certain authors/models/artists. SWANK began as a pulpy non-nude men's magazine aimed at fine living, & by the 1960s issues saw more nudity & sleazy ads. The mag currently releases pornographic content. The present issues benefitted from great photography & models, full-pg Wenzel cartoons, where earlier issues favored illustration from Paul Rader & Arthur Saroff, quality writers & articles. B/W/Color. VG+ overall. Present in this volume: V8 N5, NOV 1961 (Ed DeLong Colette Berne cover, Harry Roskolenko, Barbara Nessim, Jayne Mansfield, Bill Wenzel, boxing, Lew Friedland, Mort Gerberg WWII cartoons, Lennie Tristano, Eddie Cohen, Robert Bloch, cordials, Carol Hoover, Stan Fine, Colette (not Berne), campus fashion, Judy Justice). V9 N2, MAY 1962 (Dione Garret cover, key clubs, Roskolenko, Charlie Manna, James Collier, beer, Harlan Ellison, Mark Suffrin, Charles Rodrigues, Peter Max, Inge Bergman, Meg Myles "Satan in High Heels", Gigi Walters).   V9 N6, JAN 1963 (Foldout only 1pp due to binder's trim, Sam Wu Mary Cummins, Tom Kelley, Ernie Pintoff, Paul J. Gillette, Henry Slesar, vermouth, Wenzel, 1970s suit fashion, Linda Marshal). V12 N5, NOV 1965 (Serge Jacques cover, cinema, Eartha Kitt, espionage cartoon, Donald E. Westlake, Avram Davidson, Jacqui Morgan, Schochet, Aude 8pp, Dart Dameron from South Dakota, Adi-Fanceau, campus fashion, Natasha). V13 N5, JUN 1966 (Galaxy Caroline Tioto cover, Prange Pictures, Russell Gay, Bill Wenzel, Stan Fine, Hagglund, Schochet, Mel Scott, Lutner, Stacy Walker, Chris Carter & Elaine Desmond). V14 N1, MAR 1967 (Galaxy Virginia cover, UPI, Joyce Elbert, Eric Wilkins, A. Merlin Jr., Curtis Casewit become a spy, Susanna Leigh, Vanessa Redgrave, Ted Mark topless party, "Super-Mod" fashion, topless go-go dancers Carol Doda). V14 N2, APR 1967 (Bruce Warland, Serge Jacques, Galaxy, Marilyn Meeske, American wine, John Denver crime fiction, Joyce Elbert, Rose Carter, Jane Evans, Wenzel, de Carlo, Annie France, English Sally, Corinna Bello, Francoise Hardy). V15 N1, MAR 1968 (UPI cover, Rex Features, Norman Mailer, Phil Berger, Richard Prather, Sake, Liane Engeman, Shawn Deveraux as Brigette Willen, Cleo Simmons, Stevey Hanley lion-skin rub, "Corruption" film, Chinese Marie Mynh, Caroline Tioto). V15 N3, MAY 1968 (Jane Dollinger (Rio), Garrett Williams, brandy, Bill Wenzel, Tom Wojahn, Lainie Kazan, international fashion, cowgirl Joelle, Mai Chen, Barbara Halks, Italian cartoon projection girl, disco, backwoods nudes). Full collation details available upon request.  [Book ID: 125673]  [Magazines]


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