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Swank (Vintage adult magazine, 1963)

Swank (Vintage adult magazine, 1963)

SKU: 126335

Zacharius, Walter, & Irwin Stein (publishers); Jonathan Starr, S. Bonesio (eds.); Howard Winters, Marvin Nudelman (art eds.); marv Kitman, Carlos Ricardo, Jonathan Starr, Anne Hutchinson, Delphine Lyons, Ursule Molinaro, Paul J. Gillette, Jack Sharkey, Martyn Collier, Henry Slesar, Frank Guy, Bob Brandreth (contributors); B. Moriarty, Bill Wenzel, Barbara Nessun, Dan de Carlo, Tom Feelings, Westo, Lutner, Serrano, Lundy, Dennis, Lardner (art); Keith Bernard, Graphic House, Frank Dandridge (photography)


Swank (Vintage adult magazine, 1963)


New York: Royal Publications, 1963. V10 N2, May 1963; distributed by PDC, bi-monthly, 2nd class entry Canton (OH), B/W/Color throughout, 78pp, 50 cents cover price, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage adult magazine featuring photography of nude women, sex news, astrology, copious photographs, imaginative collages, cartoons. Series began mid 1950s, survives to date as a pornographic magazine.


Anna VanderMeer cover/4pp. Nipsey Russell interview, fiction (femme fatale, countess, nake-out shelter), Roman infidelity, Wenzel 3pp, London girls 5pp, NY jazz photos 6pp, "Decameron" translation, naughty thoughts, blonde Charlene James tri-panel foldout, Jackie Gleason, cocktails, Italian shoes, ads (S.C. Jackson gifts, Eros magazine: Marilyn Monroe). 


Good overall, stains, lacking rear cover. [Book ID 126335] [Magazines]


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