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Swank (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1968)

Swank (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1968)

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Zacharius, Walter, & Irwin Stein (publishers); Jonathan Starr, Robin Stuart (eds.); H.O. Ward, Joe Mauro (art dirs.); Patt Dankosky (advertising); Baron D', Dale Roberts, Dick Halvorsen, Ira M. Josephs, G.L. Tassone, Wolf Lannihan, John Widdicombe, Phil Berger, Alan D. Haas, Rolf Kirby, Schochet, Dare, Tom Wojahn, O'Bannon, Lutner, Stan Fine "Enif", Jolb (contributors); uncredited (photography)


Swank (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1968)


New York: Magnum-Royal Publications, 1968. V15 N6, August 1968; distributed by PDC, monthly, 2nd class entry Canton, Ohio. B/W/Color throughout, 60 cents cover price, 82pp, saddle-stapled, rubber-stamped JUN 17 1968 on front. Vintage adult magazine devoted to nude women, sex news, astrology, copious photographs, imaginative collages, cartoons. Series began mid 1950s, survives to date as a pornographic magazine.


Featuring Michelle Angelo front cover in black bra against pink. Angelo a Texas native & prolific curvaceous 1960s model, notably a familiar face (& bust) in Parliament News magazines & paperbacks, acted in films & "nude loops". Brandon House paperbacks show her lush dimensions & girl-next-door appeal regularly, a few other appearances from less reputable publishers.


The Mellinger Co. ad rear cover. Reader letters, blonde Ewa Aulin ("Candy"), 4pp, practical jokes, rum history, Yoji Ishikawa 3pp, Volkswagen fiction, brunette Stephanie & art 4pp, widow crime, Mickey Jines projection 1pp, Pierre Louys poem, Aubrey Beardsley 4pp, "August Sweetheart" Rosalie Easton 2pp/centerfold, pugilism, British Emma Frost 4pp, astral projection, blonde Gretel in study 4pp, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; ads (Allied Aids, Royal sword of Sikh warriors, Academy for Home Study).


Very Good Plus, spine rubbing/rust. [Book ID 126250] [Magazines]


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